My Old Dutch Pancakes

I honestly never knew how much you could utilise a pancake, but luckily my Old Dutch does.


My Old Dutch in Holborn is a pancake shop that’s extensive menu covers all the sweet and savoury pancakes you could think of. A smoked salmon pancake for the main course and a Reese peanut butter butterscotch one for afters? Why not, the world is your pancake.
Walking into the establishment is a bit surreal, much like its menu. It’s a mixture of different musings of all your childhood stories. There’s a wallpapered meadow of giant flowers on one side and stencilled Jelly plates on the other. The dolly furniture is white and blue and there are giant presents hanging from the ceiling in celebration of Christmas, I feel like Alice in Wonderland!

I went for the Chicken curry & rice pancake, and Liam had the Chilli con carne.

Both meals came up on giant plates, at least twice the average size. Needless to say we ate it all.
As if the pancakes themselves wasn’t cool enough, there are some super fun drink choices to match. I had a Strawberry beer. I didn’t even know that you could get fruit beer?

FullSizeRender (1)

For all you healthy guys out there don’t worry, Liam had a fresh apple juice that tasted just as delicious..we can tell who’s the alcoholic in this relationship.FullSizeRender
Here is a picture of the menu. I know it’s a bit hard to see unless you have super sonic vision, so you can click here instead.

Go to My Old Dutch on a Monday night for ‘Monday Madness’ and a £5 pancake. They have lots of other special offers through the week and you can even get a loyalty card. Winning.

hat pancake tickles your fancy??

LwL x


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