Travel Packing: Test 1

18 days to go and I’m starting to get nervous! It’s coming around so quick.

It’s so funny how you read articles time after time on taking less of everything in your rucksack to do yourself a favour. Yet you try to beat the odds.. and fail.

I have a 65L backpack, with a detachable rucksack that you can zip off of the front. I am still yet to work out whether the 65L’s includes the day rucksack or just the main backpack?

Here’s a picture of Test 1.

Now it’s bearable, but bearing in mind that my shoes are yet to be put in the bottom, all my toiletries are still to go in, and half my gadgets are in my separate rucksack, I think I need to re- evaluate.

Ok, ok I confess, I have packed about 8 bras, definitely 12 or more tops and I think there is 7 or so pairs of shorts.

I have learnt my lesson and plan to cut this half.On the plus side I have these packing cubes that are helping.

My new goal is to only have to use 2 of the 3 of them.

Realistically how many tops/shorts etc. would you say I need?

All advice welcome for my packing dilemma.
Keep an eye out for test 2!

3 thoughts on “Travel Packing: Test 1

  1. I’m into travel packing and lists 😉
    Depending on where you’re going I’d pack 2 long sleeve tops, 2 short sleeve tops and 2 tanks, 2 bras, a skirt, a dress, & 2 pants ~ of course some of this you’re wearing to start with ~ plus a sweater & jacket (if it’s year round or colder climate) and a light scarf and a heavier shawl/scarf.
    To narrow down which to take, I use a kitchen scale and pick the lightest items and those that roll into the smallest shape.
    Pack clothesline…


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