Liverpool Weekender


As mentioned in my previous post, myself and 15 other girls went to Liverpool on the weekend for my best friends birthday. #girlsontour
I absolutely love the city! I’ve been more than 10x and I very much plan to go again.
But first…lets take a selfie..

Virgin Train Selfie

Soooo many activities
Liverpool One shopping centre is the ‘Westfields’ of Liverpool.


You’ll find everything you need here, from high street chain retail shops like Topshop, to ridiculously cheap unbranded clothes shops where you can find dresses for a night out for £5!


If your looking for some fun filled activities, take a walk down the Albert Docks, catch a ride to view the city on the Liverpool Eye or visit the Beatles Museum. Best of all, these are all within walking distance of eachother.


The girls and I had a lovely lunch at Gusto in the Albert Docks.


Then we was off to the Marriott Hotel to start prepping for our night out, of course taking some snaps along the way..



The Scouse night out
We visited Pima bar in the Hilton hotel. This was a great pre-bar and they played some good tunes. This area of Liverpool is know as the ‘Essex of Liverpool’. Quite posey, London prices (drinks are £6-10 each)

Me & the birthday girl
Me & the birthday girl

IMG_4448 IMG_4496  IMG_4449IMG_4433

IMG_4442 IMG_4454

We then went to Playground next door which I’d be lying if I said I was a fan of, it was a bit too crammed for me.


All in all I had a great couple of days with some fantastic girls but next time I visit I’m going back to my old ways.. Concert Square where there’s a Reflex, Baa Baa and a Tequila bar that serves all different flavours for £1. Some bars even do double vodka and lemonade for £1.50. Winning.


Have you ever been Liverpool before?

LwL x

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