In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Yin to My Yang.”

I can’t believe that the last birthday we shared of yours was your 17th. Another secret night out that we didn’t tell our mums about. Now there’s a surprise! No of course I was sleeping at yours, you was sleeping at mine etc. we know how the under age rebel stories go..

I miss the random outings, our creepy stares and the unethical stalking at college. The way we used to fixate ourselves on people that have no idea who we are and scare the shit out of them.

I miss the utter weirdness. As normal as our daily lives was, we could maintain the weirdness with ease. So much so that if anyone watched us long enough, we’d both be admitted into a mental hospital. Those were the good days. Monkey climbing through train carriages on our way home from school, acting like space cases, leaping down the West End dressed as cats and fairies.

I don’t really know what soul mates are supposed to be. Are you supposed to love them romantically, or is it just the only person in the world who gets you? If so then that was you. My soul mate, my best friend, my other half.

See 7 years on and I’m yet to meet anyone like you, except me. You we’re me, but great in all the parts that are the biggest weaknesses of myself.

People say that times a healer and that’s true, it’s a lot easier for me to be without you now that it was when you were taken away. It’s a lot easier for me to travel the world alone now, knowing that when we were 15 years old we promised we’d do it together.
It’s a lot easier for me to understand more about how the world works, now I don’t have someone distracting me by setting fire to everything with the Bunsen burner in Science.

But this is for the people that don’t understand. That say that I party too hard, travel too much, speak too bluntly, live too crazy, come across super weird, all be it slightly strange cos’ i’m not their cup of tea.. Everything I do I do twice as much, because there was once two of me. Now one is on a different carriage of a different train much further north from here.

So while you live in heaven I live on earth. We both rock it twice as hard in our worlds until we meet again.

Happy 24th birthday bestie.. Lets get so smashed tonight that we forget why we’re celebrating (as if we need an excuse anyway).


Lots of Love

Lauren x

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