Travel Packing – bits and bobs

So bit by bit i’m gathering all of the things that I feel I need for 4 months travelling around South East Asia.  I researched through many a blogs and packing lists and created my very own (only to have it ripped to shreds by all of my travelling friends with the news that i have wayyy too much unnecessary stuff on my list).

To be honest it was music to my ears. Not only has this advice saved 6L of space in my rucksack, and a back ache, its also reduced my travel preparation expenses by a quarter..more money to spend on preventing me from getting Malaria. Yay.

Apparently most things are available in South East Asia apart from two very vital bits for women…Underwear & tampons, so i’ll be stocking up on those.

Here was last weeks purchases:

From left to right we have:

1 x Andes 9.5L waterproof bag: I am certain I will need this to protect my most prized possessions when I am taking on all my water sporting activities (when I’m floating in the sea and have no one to look after my stuff)

20 x freezer bags: To separate things that need to be separated, always useful to have though I’ll probably take about 5 and not the whole 20..
1 x small button keyring torch: Lightweight and compact. In case I fall in a tunnel and need to flash for help..or if its pitch black in the middle of nowhere and I can’t see.

1 x Silk sleeping liner: I’ve heard that not all hostels provide clean bed sheets, and bed bugs are not your friend. This one I bought from Amazon comes in a nifty travel pouch so I can attach it to my rucksack and save inside space. Winning.

Half a Swiss army knife: Very nifty gadget that’s the size of my index finger. It has 2 types of screwdrivers some pliers and most importantly a bottle opener, I like beer.

Three way adapter: Im a super electronic traveller and will be taking an ipod, iphone and camera. I also do not have the patience to sit and charge them one by one.

Three way USB: same reason as above, i probably dont need to take both…

3 x locks: because thieves are less likely to take things that are super hard to get into. To be honest after thinking about it I’ll probably get some combi locks instead, I will definitely lose the keys..

So that’s my bits so far, I’ll be uploading more over the coming weeks, please feel free to let me know if you think there’s anything I should?
LwL x

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