How to get a Thai Visa – simplified.

I travelled to South Kensington today to submit my 2 month visa for Thailand. Of course I was expecting to pick it up tomorrow, but I chose the 23rd October for pick up of all days, without realising it is Chulalongkorn Memorial Day tomorrow so I have to wait until Monday.

For someone who is a bit of a hefty researcher I can be pretty thick sometimes. Monday it is then, lucky I decided to get a provisional license last month or I’d be spending the weekend indoors with no ID!

I’ve wrote this post to make it a bit clearer for anyone trying to submit a visa because I’m not going to lie I found it confusing and I’m a worrier. There were lots of separate pages on the website for different things.

First of all, do not apply for a visa earlier than 3 months before your date of travel.

Your passport also has to be valid for more than 6 months.

Choosing your type of Visa

If you’re travelling around Thailand you will need a Tourist Visa.

If you are in Thailand for less than 30 days and are from UK, USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, Japan, and France you are exempt from needing a visa. Sweet.

If you are there for 30-60 days like myself you pay £25 for a single entry and £50 for double entry.

Single Entry is if you enter Thailand and exit into another country, say Vietnam and don’t return back to Thailand.

Double entry is if you enter Thailand, exit to Cambodia for example, then go back into Thailand, get it?

Now put on your best moody face and go and get yourself some passport photos. You’ll need 2 of these for the application.


Once you’ve sorted those complete this online form

Its pretty straight forward but if you need help with it feel free to comment.

Submitting your visa

You can submit by post or person.

I chose in person, being the untrustworthy person that I am and not wanting to put my passport through the post , potentially losing it 5 weeks before I travel. I also have no idea what a postal order is and there’s no way I’m sending cash via Royal Mail.

Great all done?

Head to the Thai Embassy in South Kensington (District, Circle or Piccadilly line).

Get some CASH out at the station, the Thai Embassy accepts cash only.

Then it’s a 5-10 minutes walk from there. 29-30 Queens Gate, London, SW7 5JB

Get your sat nav out we live in 2015.

Now the website says to get the embassy between 9-12. I got there at 8.45am and was still 8th to be seen…

When you arrive:

  • Take a ticket number and wait to be called.
  • Give the nice lady/man at the desk your form, 2 passport photos and your money in CASH
  • Sit back down, where you have to wait up to an hour to receive a receipt.. This is the part that wasn’t mentioned to me. You need to give yourself at least 60 minutes waiting time so it may be best to book half a day off work (which I didn’t..)
  • Collect the receipt when your name is called

Once you collect your receipt, disappear back to your normal life. The receipt will look like this, without my name on it..


You then collect your passport/visa the following working day between 11-12. Unless obviously it is a Thai bank holiday..

Boom. You can now enter Thailand .

Hope this makes it clearer for some of you.

LwL x


3 thoughts on “How to get a Thai Visa – simplified.

  1. Friends I know visit Thailand regularly and when it came to 30 days they crossed the border for a day (I think it was Vietnam – will check) and then they could go back into Thailand for another 30 days. 🙂

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