In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Brainwave.”


I am not an early morning person. I have tried and tried but getting up in the morning does not motivate me no matter where I’m going. Maybe its something to do with the fact I’m a night owl. I’ll attempt to go to sleep at 10pm most nights to try and be responsible (and get rid of the horribly permanent black bags under my eyes). I just end up laying for hours reflecting on my life and thinking about other completely pointless things that do not occur to me throughout the day. Before I know it, its the early hours of the morning.

I usually get up 25 minutes before I leave for work and on a good day i’ll manage to wear some mascara (yes I know I’m a terrible excuse for a woman and I should take more pride in my appearance..). I’ll do anything to be able to sleep more and get up later..thus my brainwave.

Everyday I save 5 minutes of my time by doing one simple thing…brushing my teeth while im in the shower!

Not only am I saving time, I’m saving water too, how environmentally am I right?

You should give it a try, its super productive.

WARNING: If you have an electric toothbrush, please do not try this at home, I refuse to be held responsible for any electrocutions.


LwL x

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