Eat your own Art

When you’re 4 years old, eating paint is a no – go. It’s something that your mum tells you off about, and warns you that it’s dangerous and could probably kill you. So what if I told you there is a chance for you to decorate your food as much as you like? No risk of dying and no telling off from mum..

Christabel’s Cocktail bar have brought us a new supper club concept – an edible paint fest.

Eat Your Art

This pop-up brings something different to the dinner table. Diners have the opportunity to paint their own dinner. A chance to create a masterpiece, injecting colour and flavour into your very own three course meal (while snapping lots of pics of your canvas to post on Instagram before you eat it!)

Salad Art

Don’t forget to Bring Your Own Booze. Yep, your allowed. Here is a chance to save the pennies, get yourself down to Tesco before you arrive.


  • Art Attack Cocktail
  • Avocado, Papaya & Crispy Pancetta with a selection of paints (sauces)
  • Garlic & Rosemary Poussin with Purple Carroti (spiralised carrots) & Spiced Courgette Mash with edible paint (sauces)
  • Giant Vanilla & Cinnamon Macaroons with edible paint

Mac Art

Kiss dining conventions goodbye and feed your playful side, its sure to be a memorable experience.

Address: A secret location that’s only given to you when you buy your tickets.

Fancy your chances at creating something of edible genius? Head to for a list of upcoming dates and events, there’s also an edible playground with Lego and Jenga and a special Halloween night!

If you have been to one of these or if you’d like to, please feel free to comment and feedback below :o)

LwL x

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