3 things I learnt last week..

1. My childhood was a lie
 After watching Wicked the Musical last week (finally after desperately wanting to for about 4 years) I realised that The Wizard of Oz is a horrible misconception of life and evil and the Wicked witch in the film was never actually Wicked at all.

Coming to terms with the fact that my whole childhood has been based on a lie has been hard **tears stream down face** . On the plus side I was in a really good seat and got to see everything up close.

The actual story itself is very creative and clever. The main performances by Emma Hatton and Savannah Stevenson were amazing. Their singing is another level of impressive!

Elphaba and Glinda

If I could sing like any of the cast, I’d definitely try my hand at Broadway, I wonder how many singing lessons and miracles it would take me..?

This ones definitely worth a watch.

2. Rabies Injections are really expensive!

Now I understand the whole ‘if your not immunised you’ll die almost instantly’ seriousness of this vaccination, and yes your life is worth more than £190 or so but really? I have saving to do.

To top that, even after your course of 3 jabs, if you get bit/infected while travelling you still have to pay to have more injections after anyway!

I’ve looked everywhere and the vaccinations vary for £55-75 per jab. I have gone with the cheapest of £165 for a course of 3 and booked my appointment at Boots next week. I will also be avoiding every animal through my South East Asia trip at all cost (except for the Elephants, I like elephants).

3.Shiraz is my new favourite wine

On Saturday I took my dad Wine Tasting at Vinopolis in London. (A Christmas present I bought last year that we completely forgot about and was due to expire next week)

It starts with a 20 minute wine tasting lesson that teaches you how to hold the glass, smell, taste and what to look for in your wines. You’re then freed into the warehouse of all things alcohol to test away with your tokens. My dad and I were like kids running around a sweet shop.

The Park Street establishment covers a wide variety of beverages including champagne and spirits but we decided to stick to the Reds, Whites and Roses (It was only 4pm after all).

Although I came out a lot more sober than expected, I found the whole day and tasting experience fun and informative. It is now confirmed that my dad and I share a hatred for white wine and that my favourite form of Red is an Australian Shiraz that goes by the name of ‘Grant Burge Miamba’. I cant wait to down a bottle with my next Fillet Steak!

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