3 things I learnt last week…

1. You should avoid Getting holi gulal powder in your eyes.  Although I had an unbelievable day at the Holi Festival of Colours on Saturday, I realised I made the mistake many holi colours virgins do, I never came prepared.       The idea of the festival and its uniqueness is definitely not one to be missed, The Nervo ladies finished the night with a bang and the atmosphere was incredible.   

    Just a few words of warning for those who want to attempt it next year, wear safety goggles and a dust mask for the ultimate Holi colours experience..I’ll be going all out next year, look out for me in the boiler suit.        2. Shark finning must be stopped.  Who says the aquarium is only for children? My family and I took my nephew for his 1st birthday though I think I found it more entertaining..         It was a good day, but the information I found in the Shark section was quite disturbing.  Did you know that your allowed to import 20kg of shark fins into Europe, yet you are banned from importing cheese? Random hey, especially considering that cheese is inanimate.    Shark fins are used for soup in restaurants. Hunters cut the fins off and throw living sharks back into the ocean where they end up drowning, just to make a soup!    The worst part about it is that shark fins are tasteless and pork/chicken flavourings are added to the soup, so the fin ingredient is completely pointless! Not cool.     Sign this petition like I have to ban the importing of shark fins into Europe and save the Sharks!  http://www.bite-back.com/no-fin-to-declare-2/ 3. Boxing is my least favourite sport I have never understood the sport and don’t think I ever will.  My cousin boxed on Sunday to raise money for Cancer Research in memory of my late Uncle. I am very proud of him and the federation as they raised nearly 2 million for Cancer Research.  (You can donate at http://www.justgiving.com/dannycooper2)  Although it was for a good cause, I struggle to generally understand what enjoyment comes from men/women beating 7 bells out of each other, or the entertainment that comes from watching it? I had butterflies for the duration and had to keep looking away. The whole thing was just uncomfortable, so I won’t be going or participating in any more matches in this life time I’m afraid. LwL x

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