3 things I learnt last week..

1. I only eat ‘posh’ fish I have a hatred for fish. From a young age I just couldnt seem to stand the stuff, like literally can’t sit next to people eating it (especially really fishy fish like mackerel or tuna). It isn’t so much the taste but the smell of it really puts me off! I went to Buddha Bar in Knightsbridge this week and the food menu didn’t look to appealing to me. The majority of the list was fish, so I left it to the others to order and expected to stay hungry. To my surprise the food was actually amazing!     I had tuna for the first time. I usually want to heave every time I smell it. However this was sliced tuna, it looked like ham and had no smell to it so was bearable for me.  


  My favourite was the crab sushi, they looked like little tea cakes and tasted crunchy. (I never ate the ones that has the tail coming out though) Baby steps but hey it’s still much more fish than I used to eat!  If someone else is paying I’d definitely recommend this place. Buddha has lovely food and a very nice atmosphere but it is quite on the pricey side, which is expected in the area. So if you’re looking for cheap night out its one to avoid, but this place is worth going for a special birthday or celebration.  2.Cara Delevigne has a really good American accent I went to watch Paper Towns this week. The movie was basically about a girl running away and a guy who is in love with her picking up clues she has left to try and work out where she is.     Although Delevigne is hardly in the movie (contrary to what you are lead to believe by the trailer), she is an ok actress and had a very good American accent. A good move for the current supermodel as she is really using her current status to maximise her success. Though if I was Cara, I wouldn’t hold my breath for any Grammies based on that performance.  3. I can survive the Notting Hill Carnival For many years I have been told by a wide mix of people to avoid the Notting Hill Carnival like the plague.  There seems to be loads of trouble and fights there every year.   

Carnival Vibes

  It’s such a shame but unfortunately when you put very large groups of different types of people in the same environment, things tend to kick off. (The unfortunate reality of our society)  

Eye Candy dance Flash Mob

  However, I went yesterday and had such a great time. It was so lovely to be surrounded by so many different people from different walks of life, coming together to dance to good music and enjoy the buzzing atmosphere. The weather was great and so we’re all the food stalls – I think I’ll be going back next year!       Have you been before? Comment away I’d love to hear your thoughts😊 LwL x


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