Ice Bar – London

It’s been around for years but it’s still a hotspot. Whether it’s for date night or a night with a big group, Ice bar in Regent Street is great entertainment. glasses This cocktail bar is made completely from of Swedish river ice, and the -5 degree temperature ensures that the den stay frozen. Even the cocktail glasses are made of made of pure frozen water! To ensure the warmth of all those who enter, a hooded ‘designer thermal cape’ and gloves must be worn, creating a room full of super fashionable Eskimos.    

  eskimos                                             meicebar

ICEBAR is operated in 40 minute time slots to ensure your safety (after all, no one wants hypothermia).

What’s inside?

The theme of the bar is redesigned every year encouraging revellers to return. This year is all about ‘frozen food’ Take a gawp at the crystal clear Cupcake, jump inside the giant pineapple or take a seat in the full-sized Pop-Up Food Truck! cakandpineapple Tickets start at £16 when you pre book online and includes a free cocktail from the list below, if you fancy extending the experience, the establishment also has a British cuisine restaurant downstairs and their Ice bar and dine packages start from just £35! menu I’d definitely recommend that you give this place a go! LWL  x

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