Afternoon Tea at the Marriott Hotel

To celebrate National Afternoon Tea week last week, I headed over to the Marriott hotel for a sophisticated birthday celebration for one of the important older ladies in my life.   I have to say, there was a time when the image of afternoon tea consists of a group of 60 year olds sitting in a circle sipping cups of tea and pointing their pinky finger out, while discussing current affairs. These days it is hard to find a hotel around London that DOESNT do afternoon tea. It’s become something of a craze, is our generation swapping the vodka for earl grey?  Now one of the questions that are always on my mind for this sort of thing is what do you wear? This can be a tricky one. Whilst you want to dress up for this occasion, I dare say mini skirts and stilettos are a good choice for these sorts of places. Bearing in mind that these hotels are 4-5 star establishments, the safe bet is to go for a smart-casual look.

     This was my outfit choice – what do you think? (Nice comments and Constructive criticism only please) The Food Its highly unlikely that you will leave absolutely stuffed, though I guess that depends on your appetite (I was still hungry but I’m a 3 course kinda girl)   

The 3 tier stack consisted of finger sandwiches (salmon, cheese, egg mayo and ham & cheese), scones (which were absolutely delicious) and a selection of mini desserts (always a fav. For me)  The Tea There’s a selection of 7 teas. The waiter talks you through each one and its contents (how fun and educational)    For the patriots there is the classic English breakfast tea, which most of my group opted for.  If you’re feeling brave there is a fiery red option  If your looking for something refreshing try the mango infused option.     Overall it was a lovely few hours to spend with a varied groups and this sort of thing is perfect for all ages. Whether it’s a simple toned-down catch up with friends or an uptown celebration, at under £20 per person on average, the Marriott is worth a ponder!  If you have any recommendations on where to go for a great afternoon tea then feel free to share and comment below 😊 LwL x


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