The Chingford BIG Weekender

But first, let me take a selfie..

It’s very rare that London hosts anything for free these days, let alone a festival, so when I got wind of the Chingford Weekender, held every year by Waltham Forest Council, it was just something that had to be added to my calendar.

Now don’t get me wrong, with the likes of Boney M, ABC, and many other old artists that I’ve never heard of headlining, I had my doubts. But in the end I thought hey, at least it will be something for me to write about and the sun was shining so at least I’d get a bit of a tan!
Michael Jackson Tribute
Front stage views
I’m so glad I pushed myself to go and experience something a bit different. I have to admit I am a progressive house loving, Creamfields camping sort of girl, but I was impressively surprised at the amount of songs that I actually knew?! (Thanks mum & dad).
The atmosphere was nothing like I’ve ever experienced at a festival before. The audience was as diverse as the music. Everyone from families with young toddlers to groups of lively friends attended.
There was even a marriage proposal on the stage in the afternoon which was lovely to watch (congrats to Debbie and Gazza!)
Pulled pork BBQ burger
The food stalls were as good as the atmosphere,  the ‘tropical food’ tent had chicken, rice and peas and jerk chicken, while the smoked section had steak sandwiches and pulled pork burgers.
 The highlight of the day was that I actually spent about £14 (£5 on the burger and the rest on Alcohol at Sainsbury’s)
You could actually bring your own alcohol and picnic in with you. Winning.
Great music, great people and the great weather made this a very memorable day –  hopefully see you all there next year .

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