Alices Adventures Underground

Ever wondered how you’d cope if you were pushed down the rabbit hole like Alice?

150 years after Lewis Carroll created the wonderful weirdness that is Alice in Wonderland, Les Enfants Terribles have created their very own life size experience; ‘Alices Adventures Underground’, and everyone’s invited.

Alices Advertures Underground

The Vaults, underneath London Waterloo station, has been theatrically transformed for the summer, encouraging all to join the underground movement to rise against the fearsome Queen of Hearts.

Underground Theatre

Audiences participate in their very own Mad Hatter experience, described by the Observer as the “perfect remedy for grown-ups who have forgotten what it is to play”

Papier Mache Heads

Our favourite text book characters are in the flesh with giant Papier Mache heads and rows of grinning teeth to help guide along the way. Audiences find themselves at the centre of the story, piecing together the puzzle in search for Alice who has been lost in the looking glass. The decision whether to “Eat Me” or “Drink Me” will determine what happens next, and an individuals decision makes for two entirely different experiences, so choose wisely!

Drink Me

Highlights of the night include a great performance from Trapeze artists Tweedledum and Tweedledee, a room with a spinning zoetrope ceiling and a tea party at the Victorian Greenhouse. The evening is as much an artistic creation as it is theatre.

Tea Party

After all the mayhem, head to the Wonderland Bar for the un-birthday party, where you can sip on themed cocktails, frolic with the White Knights and dance the night away.

The Bar

Don’t be late, for this very important date.. you have until the end of August until the Wonderland disappears!

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Alice’s Adventures Underground

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